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Bossier City residents take part in radio programs

The July 23, 1936 issue of The Planters’ Press reported “Bossier City Attracts Nation-wide Attention This Week in National and International Radio Affairs.”

“This week these forty-eight United States are learning that down in Louisiana there is the progressive and thriving Bossier City. Millions of people in all walks of existence heard a very talented and charming young artist reveal to Billie Mills, world famous radio announcer of the Columbia Broadcasting System in Chicago, that she was Winnifred Boles of Bossier City, La. Music lovers thrilled at the piano recital given by Miss Boles over the CBS and citizens of Bossier voiced an appreciation over the fact that Miss Boles had made ‘big-time’ and told the world that she was a product of Bossier City.”

“Now we find two cars packed with quartet harmony advancing into Yankeeland representing the Bossier City Lions Club.”

“Led by Hoffman Fuller, the ‘Southerners’ quartet will storm musically Providence, R. I., telling representatives from every state in the Union that they are from the home of Barksdale Field, the world’s cotton center, and the richest oil country in America. With pockets crammed full of literature advising the advantages of Bossier City, Jack Dyer, Ira Harbuck, President Paul Dyson, and Hoffman Fuller, will heave a trail blazed with ‘Where and what is this Bossier?’”

“The boys of Bossier will face professional competition from all parts of North America in an effort to again bring glory to their native town. Success will mean appearances in New York and contracted broadcast over both the National Broadcasting System and the Columbia System.”

“Then we pluck from a newsstand a radio magazine with half-million circulation, reaching all parts of Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and completely covering all states in the United Kingdom. We note with amazement that this popular radio guide carries the story of a recent conducted contest. Radio Stars of the Future, over KWKH and also carries pictures of three Bossier City girls who appeared on the thirteen week programs. They were Miss Winnifred Boles, Miss Evelyn Claire Hollis, and Miss Honeylou Claybrook. And again America learned that in Bossier City people were doing things and things were being done.”

“And now you wonder just why the nation has paused a moment to take a keey [sic] hole look into the heart of North Louisiana’s pepper pot, Bossier City. There is always a man behind the cannon; a minute investigation reveals Arthur Ray Teague as the promoting genius with a finger on the trigger of letting the world know that Bossier isn’t just another dot on the map. Mr. Teague produced ‘Radio Stars of the Future.’ A long distance phone call to Mr. Martin Logan, Editor of Radio Guide in Chicago, enabled him to have Bossier advertised in two issues. While president of the local Lions Club he appealed to the membership for funds to send the quartet to Providence, and this very day the ‘Southerners ‘ are doing the job as Bossier does it, good.”

“And another part of the country is heard form [sic]. J. J. Cardwell and Pete Burt, who rolled away early this week in a 15 year old roadster for Dallas and the Centennial.”

“A telegram to the Shreveport newspaper reads: ‘We made it all right. No trouble at all.”

Ann Middleton is Director of the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center. She can be reached at (318) 746-7717 or by e-mail at amiddlet@state.lib.la.us

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