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Bossier City Spotlight: Have we had enough rain yet?

by BPT Staff
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Rain rain go away is what many people in our area has been saying for the past few weeks. We say that while realizing that in a matter of months we may very well be wishing for the sweet relief of the rain. Over the last couple of weeks our area has gotten nearly twice as much rain as is normal and it has left us completely saturated with power outages in some areas. The good news is that the forecast for the next few days is sunshine and blue skies and that will be a welcomed sight for Bossier City.

Over the past weekend the Louisiana National Guard had a deployment ceremony as they prepared to deploy the 39th Police Company. The ceremony was held on Saturday at Airline High School and was well attended and Mayor Tommy Chandler was proud to be present for this occasion as well. This unit is being deployed as they play an important role in operation “Enduring Freedom.” Family, friends, parents and all of our community is grateful and proud of these soldiers for their service. Mayor Chandler said that even though this is a deployment ceremony he viewed it as a “Mission for Freedom” and he Thanked them for their service.

The Bossier City Fire Department is entering the final stages of the hiring process as they prepare to hire at least 16 new Firefighters to serve and protect our city as they replace a number of Veteran Firefighters that will now be retiring.

The Finals are set in the NBA and the Boston Celtics took home the first win of the first game of what promises to be an exciting series.

The L.S.U. Tigers had all local fans glued to the T.V. and on the edge of our seats as they played in the college baseball world series. Though the returning National Champs fell short in their effort they played hard and Tiger Fans everywhere is still very proud.

As a result of all the rain that we’ve had the Bossier City Public Works Department is prepared to provide whatever services are needed after the heavy rains we have had. Public works have sandbags that can be picked us as well as mosquito pellets to be dispersed in areas of standing water to kill mosquitos and larva. We anticipated more mosquitos than normal due to the rain and the mosquito trucks are out each evening spraying in our communities. You can get the schedule of the spray trucks by calling Bossier City Public Works.

Adult softball is underway and as we mentioned on last week the swimming pools in Bossier City are open and ready for business.

The Mayor and members of the Bossier City Council braved the rains on last week and attended the city council meeting as scheduled. In this week’s council meeting the Bossier Press Tribune was renewed as the official journal for Bossier City… Congratulations to the Tribune for the great job that it does of keeping our community informed.

Public Safety is going well in Bossier City and there are no new incidents to report. Mayor Chandler sent out his appreciation to the employees of Bossier City as he Thanked them for the great job they do everyday. As of now you’re up to date and we Thank you for reading the … “Spotlight.”

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