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Bossier City to test sewers this week


Bossier City’s Utilities Department will begin testing the city’s sanitary sewer system this week by using smoke to locate breaks or defects in sewer lines so that necessary repairs can be made.

As a result, residents may notice smoke coming from the vent stacks on the roofs of their homes while this testing is being done in their neighborhood. Residents are advised that the smoke being utilized for this testing is safe, non-toxic, has no odor and presents no fire hazard.

Residents are also advised that the smoke should not enter their homes but may do so if they have defective plumbing or drain traps that are dried up. If residents have drains under sinks and toilets in their homes that are seldom used, they should pour water down those drains to ensure the trap are full. As a rule drain traps should always contain water to prevent sewer gases and odors from entering your home.

The testing will be conducted throughout the city over the next few months. Residents will be notified before testing begins in their neighborhood by notices that will be placed on the front doors of their homes.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.