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Bossier City water boil advisory remains in place


From The City of Bossier City:

The City of Bossier City’s water system continues to be under a boil advisory for all Bossier City water customers until further notice.

The City’s Utility Department is doing up to 400 cut-offs of water service to customers each day, these cut-offs are done when requested by the customer. We anticipate that these calls will continue through the next few days and we will continue to assist customers with water shut offs, when requested. There are no big major water lines that have ruptured, only small lines within neighborhoods and the city utility department is responding to these, as quickly as possible.

Once the temperatures continues to rise above the freeze mark, we anticipate that people will begin to turn off water, which is dripping and running to prevent their pipes from freezing and the city’s pressure will gradually begin to rise and this problem will begin to subside.

Bossier’s water plant is producing approximately 25 million gallons of water, which is being used daily during this unprecedented event. The plant production is keeping up with the demand. Thursday night, the Town of Benton saw a slight increase in the water available in their main system, this will hopefully allow more water pressure and will allow more water to go to outlying areas, such as the Town of Benton.

We request that all customers who are users of the City’s water system, continue to maintain the boil advisory, which is in place until the system allowed to regain full pressure and proper testing can take place to assure the normal water quality and quantity are obtained.

If a water customer requires assistance for a cut-off of their water service, they can call 741-8370 or 741-8371 to request assistance. We ask for their patience, as our crews also have to travel these hazardous streets.

All trash pick up is suspended for this week and will resume regular pickup on Monday, February 22nd.

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