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Bossier Civic Center could go up for lease


The Bossier Civic Center could go up for lease, and some residents are not happy about that.

The council will vote on the matter next week. The appraised value of the civic center is $352,000. Any lease would include the facility’s continued designation as an emergency special needs shelter and take into account some annual city events and for-profit events

At Tuesday’s Bossier City Council agenda meeting, council members heard from Wayne Hogue, owner of the civic center’s concession stand Primo Concessions.

“As a past LSUS business professor, a veteran business owner, I have a pretty good perspective of the business aspect of that facility and the economic aspects that it brings to this town. I want to make sure the council considers two different things: The economic impact, not the revenue of the building, and the thousands of people that you’re going to harm if you do what you’re talking about doing,” Hogue said. 

He said that he has seen first hand the civic center has an economic impact of tens of millions of dollars, which could be affected by the decision.

“My educated estimation, having been there for nearly every event for two years, is that there is properly $20-$30 million dollars economic impact on this town from the events that happen at that facility,” Hogue said. “For the good for every stake holder and the economy that you’re about to impact, I request that this whole leasing idea be dropped.”

Bossier City Chief Administrative Officer Pam Glorioso said the city has investigated the value of the civic center at the city council’s request. She explained that the ordinance would allow them to lease out the building for a set amount, minus the amount of the non-profits that are tagged to it for the events. 

“What we will be doing is asking for proposals based on that lease amount from any perspective person looking to lease the building. On Feb. 4, the council will have the option to vote to allow us to do that,” she added.

The item will be voted on at the next meeting Tuesday, Feb. 4. Final adoption of the ordinance would be March 3.

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