Bossier deputies combat looting in south Louisiana

Photo by Lt. Raymond Barnes, Bossier Sheriff's Office

The team of five deputies who deployed to south Louisiana Thursday afternoon began patrolling the streets early Friday morning of hard-hit Livingston Parish that was flooded in order to keep homes and businesses safe from looting.

“These people are completely devastated, and a lot of them have lost everything,” said Lt. Raymond Barnes, Bossier Sheriff’s Office.

However, as sickening as it may sound, there are some who are taking advantage of flood victims – by looting their flooded homes and businesses. Bossier deputies and other law enforcement officers are assisting Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office to keep that from happening.

“We are checking on the residents and giving them our direct phone numbers so they can call us and report any suspicious activity,” Lt. Barnes said.

Barnes said that streets are lined with household items and all kinds of debris that have been removed from homes that were damaged by the historic flood waters. Some people are going down the street to look through that debris, and then others are wandering into the garage or even the homes of these residences to take what doesn’t belong to them, Lt. Barnes said.

“We are making our presence known in the area so we can stop that!,” said Lt. Barnes. “Residents here have expressed just how appreciative they are that we and the officers from other agencies are here to help.”

Photo by Lt. Raymond Barnes, Bossier Sheriff's Office
Photo by Lt. Raymond Barnes, Bossier Sheriff’s Office