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Bossier deputies to wear masks and gloves while on duty


From the Bossier Sheriff’s Office:

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington says his deputies will take a precautionary measure by wearing protective masks and gloves while on duty, considering the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines issued Friday.

“Our deputies already had masks and gloves with them for the past couple of weeks for use in case they came in close contact with others,” said Sheriff Whittington. “With President Trump and the CDC issuing the updated recommendations that the public wear cloth face coverings, especially where social-distancing measures could not be practiced, we thought this was the right action to take.”

Sheriff Whittington also said he previously ordered an ample supply of personnel protective equipment so that deputies are properly fitted to protect themselves and the public. “Public safety goes beyond fighting crime…it’s also about fighting this virus,” emphasized Sheriff Whittington.

The policy will be for deputies, whether on Patrol or in the Corrections setting. No deputies or staff members have tested positive for COVID-19.

Photos Courtesy of the Bossier Sheriff’s Office:

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