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Bossier High School to celebrate 100 years

Bossier High School will be celebrating 100 years with a series of events.

From January 2017-December 2017 there will be a display of Bossier history as seen through the eyes of Bossier High School Students.   We are excited to be working with the Bossier Parish History Center to make this exhibit happen.  Bossier High Alumni is asking for your help.  We are looking for memorabilia in 4 categories.  In the News (national and international), in the Town, in the School, and Trends.

In 1917 the first graduating class had 5 girls.  An older photo showed 3 boys in the 8th grade class.  World War I broke out and the question is “Where were the original boys? “  If you know, let us know.  Photos of all kinds are appreciated.

We know Bossier City had a population of 600 in 1917.  We are looking especially for toys and items that characterized the different decades.  Does anyone have a “Princess phone” they could loan us?  What about Army Men, Chemistry Set, Joy Buzzer, Early Pop-up Book from the 1920’s.  We need a Buck Rogers Rocket Pistol, Red Ryder BB Gun, Mickey Mouse, and a View-master popular in the 30’s.  Looking forward do you have hidden away in an attic or garage, a Magic 8 Ball, Little Golden Books, Legos, Silly Putty, Matchbox cars, Hula Hoop, early Barbie, Fisher Price Little People, PlayDoh, Tonka Truck, Troll Doll, Chatty Cathy, Gumby, Frisbee, Easy Bake Oven, Creepy Crawlers, Etch-a-Sketch, GI Joe, Lite Bright, early yo-yo’s, or Hot Wheels?

bossier-high-schoolWe will be searching for other items as we plan for the centennial celebration as well as School Memorabilia. We have yearbooks, but would like a football, band, or other uniforms, report cards, books, posters, photos showing life of teens in Bossier.  Did you go to the Don Drive in theater? Cruise the strip? Eat at Cobb’s BBQ?

Do you have any stories that would make our history richer that you would be willing to share with your name or anonymously? We know one of our graduates Buddy Roemer, was a congressman, governor of Louisiana and ran for president. We are very proud of all our graduates.

The Bossier High Alumni Association is coordinating with the history museum and all items must be on site to catalog by December 2016 for the exhibit. Please let us know if you have any item to loan that you feel would benefit our exhibit showing the history of Bossier City.

Watch for more as we count down to our 100 Year Celebration of Bossier High School and our town.

Want to join our Committee? Please contact Carolyn Grimsley, BHSAA president at  318-219-6258 or email BossierHigh100@gmail.com  for more information or to help sponsor the exhibit and events.

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