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Bossier marines continue service by helping expand voting sites

Lee “Gunny” Jeter, Sr. (left) and Norman Craig (right).

Lee “Gunny” Jeter, Sr. and Norman Craig both served their country in the United States Marine Corps and both continue to serve today.

“Once a Marine, always a Marine,” explained Craig. “Even though we are no longer on active duty, we are both still Marines.”

When Jeter left active duty he had achieved the rank of Gunnery Sargent and Craig left active duty as a Corporal. While their active duty may have ended, both Marines continue to serve their country and their community to help others to exercise that vital component of a representative democracy, the right to vote.

“The Marine Corps taught me to serve,” said Jeter and both these warriors continue to serve.

Jeter is a representative on the Bossier Parish Board of Elections Supervisors, the government entity which oversees and facilitates elections in Bossier Parish and Craig serves as the District 4 Representative on the Bossier Parish Police Jury.

Thanks to the efforts of these Marines and others, voters in Bossier Parish can now exercise their right to vote during early voting at a second location.

In prior years, the only place to cast ballots early was at the Bossier Parish Courthouse in Benton. Some complained that it was too far to travel to Benton to early vote. In response, the Board of Elections Supervisors, Stephanie Agee the Registrar of Voters, Jill Sessions The Bossier Parish Clerk of Court, and the Bossier Parish Police Jury, have established a second location at the Bossier Parish Library History Annex at 2206 Beckett Street in Bossier City where Bossier Parish residents can early vote.

This second location, adjacent to the Bossier Parish Library near Bossier City Hall, will allow many more voters to avail themselves to early voting without having to travel all the way to Benton. 

Both these Marines fought for their country and fought to preserve American values such as the right to vote.

“We may not agree on everything, but we will die for the individuals to have their right to vote,” noted Jeter.

With their long history of service, it is not surprising that Marine Corps veterans Lee “Gunny” Jeter, Sr. and Norman Craig continue to serve their community and work to ensure that more people have access to the election process.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.


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