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Bossier MPC votes in favor of zoning change for north Bossier Walmart Supercenter

In an almost three hour Monday afternoon meeting at the Bossier City Municipal Complex in Council Chambers, the Bossier City-Parish Metropolitan Commission voted in favor of rezoning a 34 acre tract of land in north Bossier, paving the way for a new Walmart Supercenter store.

The votes for the various applications filed with the MPC by the Walmart Real Estate Business Trust were as follows:

The application for the Wal-Mart Fuel station that will be located on the property (C25-16) was approved 6-1 with only MPC member Mark Montgomery voting against it. The application for the rezoning of the entire 34 acre tract that will house the Wal-Mart development (C29-16) passed unanimously. The application for the type and height of lighting structures to be be used for the development (parking lot, etc.) (C 31-16) was delayed pending further exploration of the available options . The application for the sale of high and low content alcohol at the Walmart Super Center for off premise consumption (C32-16) passed 6-1 with MPC member Mark Montgomery voting against. The application for low content alcohol sales only at the Wal-Mart Fuel station (C33-16) also passed unanimously.

An additional application for 24 hour operation was withdrawn for before the other Walmart application cases were heard by the MPC. As such, the operating hours for the new store will be 6am – 12am. So, the store will close each night at midnight for six hours before reopening at 6am.

Other items concerning various landscaping reviews and other outdoor structures/fixtures on the property development also passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 4:55pm just slightly shy of the three hour mark.

Watch for the complete story in Wednesday’s Bossier Press-Tribune!

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  1. Yes, the residents have made it known we do not want this. The city council are elected officials, but the residents affected by this do not live in the city limits. We cannot vote for city council.

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