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Bossier Parish officials urging CodeRed signup

Bossier Parish residents are urged to sign up for CodeRed, a new emergency notification system designed to send alerts directly to individuals quickly.

Parish officials said the system will be used to send emergency notifications and information to residents in minutes by both cell phone and landline.

“Individuals are asked to register for the new system as quickly as possible,” said Ian Snellgrove, director of the Bossier Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (BOHSEP). “This is an excellent system and we need the public’s data to make it work.”

Residents who registered with the parish emergency system FirstCall are asked to sign up with CodeRed. This will replace the old system, sending notifications by voice, text or email.

Notifications can also be customized and delivered to target areas determined by the address of the registered resident.

“It’s important to stress that this system does not take the place of the current National Weather Service methods that sends alerts for weather events such as flash flooding or tornado warnings,” Snellgrove said. “It is for general emergency notifications and critical community alerts.”

Bossier Parish residents can register for the new system online at https://public.coderedweb.com/cne/en-US/A2C0A5dC57a2

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