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Bossier Parish Police Jury hears storm response from Bossier Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

(Left) Ian Snellgrove, (Right) Col. Gene Barattini, Bossier Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, speak at Wednesday’s Bossier Parish Police Jury meeting

At Wednesday’s Bossier Parish Police Jury meeting, the jury heard an update report from Ian Snellgrove, Bossier Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, on the recent winter weather that impacted Bossier Parish.

Snellgrove advised the jury of the snow and ice accumulations that Bossier Parish received during the winter storm, including the frigid temperatures.

“The consecutive hours below freezing, we haven’t seen these since 1988. We were 110 hours below freezing,” said Snellgrove.

Snellgrove also spoke about the calls that he and his team received regarding the desperate need for water.

“We had four healthcare systems and four nursing homes that reached out to use that needed water. We also had four communities and three fire districts,” said Snellgrove.

After noting the locations that reached out to Snellgrove and his team for water, Snellgrove praised Col. Gene Barattini, for his dedication and fast response for getting water to everyone in Bossier Parish.

“Gene was instrumental in getting the water coordination to the hospitals and also to the towns. I would like to give him a lot of public credit for that. With Gene on this mission, he basically coordinated, juggled, stayed up a couple of nights and long days to make sure that certain things happened for different entities so that the community was able to have drinking water,” said Snellgrove.

Following his remarks, Snellgrove then mentioned the locations and the amount of pallets of water that were delivered in Bossier Parish.

“Gene reached out to the “Guard” and the “Guard” said they could bring in the water and deliver it to the hospitals, nursing homes. The hospital received 28 pallets and the nursing homes received 12 pallets. Gene had 32 pallets dropped to fire districts. And, the fire districts that we dropped water to were the ones that weren’t related to a town. So, it would be like South Bossier, East 80 and Northeast Fire District. So, this water distribution went all over the parish, not just one local area where people had to come get it,” Snellgrove said.

“We also had some non-profits and some churches that reached out to us as well. Gene was able to organize getting some water from the City of Bossier with the approval of Pam Glorioso (using cash that was allocated to them). They sent several pallets to the churches within the Bossier City area,” he added.

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