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Bossier Parish Republican Executive Committee urges renewal of Bossier City Fire and Police millage


The Bossier Parish Republican Party through action of its Executive Committee voted Tuesday evening to endorse the Tax Renewal for funding Fire and Police operations in Bossier City. Voting will be this Saturday, August 15th.

David Montgomery, city councilman at large and current President of the Bossier City Council, along with Fire Chief Brad Zagone met with the group and members of the public Tuesday and explained that the millage provides essential funds for the operation of fire and police in Bossier City and that significant layoffs would be necessary if the millage was not renewed.

Montgomery assured the group that the revenue generated by the millage is revenue neutral and is based on property values in Bossier City and that the millage is periodically rolled forward or back depending on total property values in order to bring in the same amount of money to the city in order for the citizens to not pay more in property taxes than necessary. Loss of the funding would certainly reduce fire insurance ratings with resultant premium increases to homes and businesses by insurers.

According to Bossier Republican Party Chairman Doug Rimmer, “Our committee voted unanimously with one abstention to Endorse the millage renewal and urge voters to vote “Yes” at the polls this Saturday, August 15th. It is the only item on the ballot and only Bossier City voters are eligible to vote on this proposal. It is important in these turbulent and challenging times to fully support and fund our hard-working Fire and Police Departments and the brave first responders who serve our community so well.”

Feature Photo Courtesy of: Bossier Parish Republican Executive Committee

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