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Bossier Parish School Board passes Resolution of Support for Local Businesses

At it’s Thursday night October 15th meeting, the Bossier Parish School Board adopted a Resolution of Support for Local Businesses. More specifically, the resolution draws attention to the fact that the BPSB values the economic contribution provided by businesses owned by Bossier Parish residents. Furthermore, the resolution points out that these businesses both employ Bossier Parish residents and maintain a physical business location within Bossier Parish.

So, in order to facilitate the inclusion of Bossier Parish businesses in the contracting process in recognition of their economic contribution stated in the sentences above, the BPSB has resolved that procurement and purchasing personnel shall be authorized to use the local purchasing option, benchmarking and negotiation in the awarding of contracts to determine the method of vendor selection and completion.

As such, the language of the resolution makes it clear that the local purchasing option has the purpose of including local (Bossier Parish) businesses. However, the awarding of contracts will not be limited to the use of the local purchasing option.

The resolution also makes it clear that a local vendor is defined by statute as a business that maintains a physical presence within the boundaries of Bossier parish or adjacent parishes.

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