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Bossier Parish to continue its plan for improvements in new year


[Editor’s Note: This is the third in a four-part series outlining parish leaders’ goals for the new year.]

Bossier Parish Police Jury Administrator Bill Altimus said that the current priorities for 2020 have been put in motion and now need to be seen through.

He noted the Bossier Parish Police Jury’s priorities for 2020 include securing funds for projects, continued repair or improvements on parish roads, and expanding the parish water/sewer system.

Listed below are the 2020 priorities for the Bossier Parish Police Jury as outlined by Altimus: 

• Get resolution on obtaining FEMA financial assistance for repairing flood damaged paved roads. He said, “Our folks are in Washington D.C. right now making the case that floods damage roads. Success here will go a long way in making repairs which are greatly needed in these areas.”

• Purchase right of way for continuing Arthur Ray Teague Parkway south.

• Continue repairs on weight limited bridges in the parish.

• Work out an agreement with state/feds to get a credit match against future construction cost for the East/West, Winfield Road Extension. “This could be another loop across to the parish north of I-220,” said Altimus.

• Work on improving the intersection of I-220 and Benton Road.

• Continue the expansion of the parish water/sewer system where appropriate.

• Secure funding for Phase 2 of the Swan Lake Road Extension to Crouch Road.

• Get the Army Corp of Engineers report on Red River flooding, pinpoint causes, evaluate effective mediation measures that will reduce the flooding effects.

• Work out an agreement to study with Arkansas the navigation of the Red River into Arkansas. “These two issues may help each other out,” Altimus noted.

• Work on potential projects acceptable to the state’s Watershed Initiative.

• Improve South Bossier, Parish Camp, Tall Timbers and the two new Kingston Road Parks.

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