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Bossier Schools i3 Art Expo


Randy Brown

Talent. By definition, talent is defined as possessing natural aptitude or skill. To me, this has always been a two part equation. Most certainly, skill can be developed, but there also has to be some natural aptitude and passion present as a foundation in order for the skill to fully develop. All of us have things that we are good at doing. We all have things that we are passionate about. We all have skills, abilities and talents for which we have a “natural aptitude.” In no particular order, many of us have an interest in areas such as: music (I am “all in” on this one), arts, crafts, cooking, sports, gardening, writing (I am still trying) and the list goes on and on. For sure, God designed us all differently. So, there are many things that we are not good at in which others totally excel. However, without any doubt, we are all good at something. Many people are often times good or excel at more than one thing.

I love going to museums and art shows to admire the talents of those who are gifted artists. I have tried hard to draw and paint through the years. I wish art was one of my talents, I really do, but it is not. I can’t even draw decent “stick people.” And, after many years of trying, I have learned to accept that this is not an area where I have even a slight degree of talent. From a very young age, I have always felt that music is my gift. Hopefully, you have discovered yours.

In getting to the point, this past weekend, Bossier Parish Schools presented their third annual i3 Art Expo at the Bossier Civic Center. The three day event showcased the outstanding multi-platform works of so many of the extremely talented students attending Bossier Parish Schools in the areas of art, music, film, animation, reading, writing and so much more. As with so many events and activities that were a big part of our lives, the i3 Art Expo did not happen in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19. So, it was so great and awesome to see it make an incredible comeback in 2022!

Just like my initial reaction both in 2018 and 2019, upon entering the Bossier Civic Center for the opening reception and tour of the art exhibits last Thursday, I was truly amazed. From art to music (and more), there was remarkable talent on display in so many ways. What a showcase! No doubt, there are so many school students in Bossier Parish who have extremely bright futures ahead of them in a multitude of ways as their lives move forward. i3 stands for: Imagination, Inspiration and Innovation. And, all of these were once again on display in a huge way at the i3 Art Expo!

As in 2018 and 2019, BPT was extremely blessed and honored in being asked to be one of the sponsors for the i3 Art Expo. As Bossier’s newspaper, we were humbly honored and extremely proud to be a part of this event again for 2022. There will be a Red Carpet Award Ceremony for the i3 Art Expo winners held at BPSTIL on Tuesday April 12. I look forward to being there and I look forward to presenting one of the awards.

From our newspaper’s perspective, we were so very proud and honored to have the opportunity to partner with Bossier Parish Schools once again as one of the many great sponsors for the third year of their amazing i3 Art Expo event. And, once again, our BPT staff had a blast in designing the i3 Art Expo special section/event guide that we published in our March 30 edition.

BPT is already looking forward to being part of next year’s i3 Art Expo! And, I understand that plans are already taking shape to make this event even bigger and better for next year. I can’t wait! Thank you Bossier Parish Schools for ALL that you do each and every day in making both our schools and our students shine! And, thank you for ALL that you did to bring the i3 Art Expo back for this year in such a fantastic and amazing fashion!

Randy Brown is Regional Publisher and Executive VP of Specht Newspapers, Inc.

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