Bossier Parish Schools has issued a formal statement regarding their latest lawsuit, “Doe v. Bossier Parish School Board et al.”

Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed the federal lawsuit “in an attempt to end the widespread, unconstitutional promotion of Christianity throughout Bossier public schools.” The suit was filed on behalf of four Bossier Parish parents whose children’s religious freedom “has been repeatedly and blatantly trampled by the religious coercion of Bossier Parish school board members, administrators, teachers and coaches,” Americans United said in a news release.

The following is the full statement from Bossier Schools:

“The Bossier Parish School Board and its administration are committed to maintaining exceptional schools, respecting the rights and beliefs of every student and family in our community, and carefully following all applicable federal and state laws.

“The Board is in the process of updating and supplementing its policies to ensure full legal compliance across the school district and is scheduling mandatory in-service training for all administrators, teachers and coaches on the policies and underlying laws.
“We trust these affirmative steps will resolve the current federal court matter in short order so that precious taxpayer funds can be spent on continuing to improve the quality of educational services provided to students rather than on potentially expensive litigation.
“As we implement revised policies and ensure full legal compliance on every campus in the district, Bossier Schools will always carefully respect and preserve the fundamental rights of all students, including their cherished First Amendment right to religious freedom.”

Because this matter is in litigation, there will be no further comment on behalf of Bossier Schools, according to Sonja Bailes, Public Relations Liaison.

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