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Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington issues statement in support of Constitutional Carry


I stand in support of Constitutional Carry so that law-abiding residents of Louisiana can carry a firearm without having to obtain a permit.

As the Constitutionally-elected Sheriff of Bossier Parish, my priority is to ensure the Constitutional rights of our citizens are upheld. My duty as Sheriff is to ensure their 2nd Amendment rights are protected, not guaranteeing they are “trained marksmen.”

Do I wish everyone was proficient in firearms handling? Absolutely! But the level of “training” with a firearm should not determine whether or not a law-abiding citizen has the right to carry a firearm and defend himself, his family, or other people in danger. Our Constitution already provides that right!

Ask yourself – If you are in the grocery store and a gunman goes around executing people at point-blank, do you really care if a law-abiding armed person who can help you has a permit or not?

Statistics simply do not bear out what some in the media and even some law enforcement leaders are saying – that there is blood in the streets and increased shootings by law-abiding citizens – is baseless and quite frankly not true.

We in law enforcement are trained to assume everyone could be armed until we know differently. Requiring a permit or firearms training will not affect the way we do business.

THIS IS IMPORTANT – CRIMINALS DO NOT GET PERMITS! The only person this permitting process hurts is the law-abiding person trying to protect himself and his family.

My bottom line is clear: As Sheriff, I will protect the 2nd Amendment rights of our law-abiding residents. Upholding those rights is something I fully support, and restricting those rights is something I adamantly oppose.

21 states, including all of our bordering states, already recognize the Constitutional rights for their citizens to carry a firearm without having to obtain permission from the government to do so. Louisiana should, too!

Supporting and protecting the 2nd Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms is to support Constitutional Carry!

Let’s do something for the law-abiding citizens for a change.

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