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Bossier Sheriff offers ‘Surviving the Terror’ training

“Are you prepared to survive?”

It’s a question Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington wants to help you answer by offering a special training class to help residents be better prepared in emergency and terrifying situations that may occur in public gatherings.

The class is called “Surviving the Terror” and will be taught by instructors of the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Training Academy from 4 to 6 p.m. Dec. 4 at Cypress Baptist Church, 4701 Palmetto Rd. The class is no-cost and open to everyone. 

“Our primary goal for this class is the help our residents be prepared before a tragedy occurs,” Whittington said. “Fear is a motivating factor that can cause you to panic or carry out your actions that you planned in advance.  We want you to be ready… just in case.”

Tragedy can strike anywhere.

“The horrific shootings in Las Vegas in October and at the small church in south Texas earlier this month are two grave reminders of the dangerous world we live in,” Whittington said.  “We realize we can’t stop all the tragedies that happen around us.  But we don’t want folks living in fear, but rather they arm themselves with knowledge so that they are prepared.”

The class is for the general public to offer ideas so that you, your family and your friends will know how to react in an emergency or terrorizing situation that might occur at a sporting event, church, a festival, or any public setting or event where people gather.

The class will focus on emergency issues, to include:

  • Understanding situational awareness
  • How to keep you and your family safe
  • Developing exit/evacuation plans
  • Communicating with your loved ones and friends in an emergency situation
  • Knowing when to RUN, HIDE, or FIGHT
  • Understanding concealed handgun issues

There is no need to register for the class, but you can always contact the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Training Academy at (318) 965-3525 for more information.  This is the second “Surviving the Terror” class to be offered; the first class was held in late October.

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