Stockwell Place Elementary School students assist Bossier Sheriff's deputies with Operation Blessing.

Nearly two dozen fifth graders at Stockwell Place Elementary School in Bossier City presented about 2,000 canned goods and non-perishable food items Friday morning to Operation Blessing, the food pantry program here in Bossier Parish run by the Bossier Sheriff’s Office.  Dep. Daryl Brown, school resource officer at Stockwell Place, says this is the second such donation this month, and both donations have netted about 5,000 canned goods and non-perishable food items that will be used to feed the elderly and those in need in the parish.

The “Stallion to Stallion” students have been diligent in their efforts to collect the food for those less fortunate here in Bossier Parish, and it’s something about which they get excited.

“A bunch of the hungry people who aren’t as blessed as us can get something to eat over the holidays, and hopefully, they’ll have a good Christmas,” said Elle Crafton, student of the year for Stockwell Place Elementary. 

In addition to academic achievement, the principal and school resource officer impart character traits such as benevolence so the students will understand there are opportunities to help others.  

“We really work with all of our students to understand that the world is not just about them,” said Principal Brooke Nolte, Stockwell Place.  “To have an opportunity be kind and give to others is important.”

Dep. Daryl Brown, school resource officer, Stockwell Place Elementary, emphasized, “We really push to the kids that it’s nice to receive things for Christmas, but Christmas is always more about giving than receiving.  It’s not always me, it’s what you can do for others.”

For Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington who oversees the entire program of Operation Blessing, which begun nearly 20 years ago, donations like this send a clear message.  “Young people get it, and parents can be extremely proud,” Sheriff Whittington said.  “They are learning what it means to consider others and help someone else when they could use a ‘hand up’.  This is Character Building 101, and these students are learning that at an early age, and we are blessed to live in a parish with such caring people.”

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