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Bossier teen charged with terrorizing

From the Bossier Sheriff’s Office:

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington says a 15-year-old Bossier Parish student was arrested Saturday afternoon and charged with Terrorizing after he made threatening comments on social media this weekend.

Bossier Sheriff’s Office quickly began their investigation Saturday morning after information about the threatening acts to Parkway High School quickly spread on social media and began to cause hysteria for concerned parents and students. In just a short time, Bossier deputies identified the male teenage student from Parkway High School. When deputies made contact with him, the teen admitted to detectives that he was having personal problems and posted several threatening comments about the school on social media.

After deputies conducted a thorough investigation with exhaustive cooperation with school officials, the teenager was booked into the Bossier Maximum Security Facility.
“Today’s arrest can help ease concern for parents,” said Sheriff Whittington. “Our deputies worked closely with school officials throughout most of the day to quickly investigate these threats and make an arrest.”

Sheriff Whittington has a clear message to those who thinks it’s okay to make such threats.
“We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to anyone making threats to cause harm to others or damage to property. You will be found, and you will be arrested.”

** Note: The arrestee is a juvenile, and he will not be identified nor will any booking photo be available.

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  1. I hope they get to the root of this child’s issues and help him to get the help he needs, whatever that may be rather than just arresting him… kids like that need to be shown a lot of love. 🙁

  2. I cannot encourage enough for parents/grandparents/teachers, etc. to read the book, “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy” written by Sue Klebold – mother of Dylan Klebold who was one of the shooters at Columbine High School in April 1999. I thought, like everyone else, how in the world did these parents not know what was going on right under their nose.

    Sue Klebold has spent all of these years researching the whys of this tragedy and what she and her husband should/would/could have done differently had they only had an inkling of what was going on with their child who showed no signs of any problems or so they thought. Not only will parents/grandparents learn how to detect problems with their own seemingly happy, well adjusted children who on the inside are anything but that, they also may be able to detect the kids their children hang out with who may have a whole host of problems.

    The book is $12.80 on Amazon and is worth every penny.

    This book is fascinating from the first page and the author presents no excuses for her son’s murdering spree or for her lack of not knowing what was going on. Her goal is to educate everyone on what could be happing under your own roof or the roof of your child’s best friend.

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