Bossier to be home to first Camping World store in Northwest Louisiana

Photo by Tom Pace | The Berline Airlift Veterans (1948-1949) receive the Omar N. Bradley Spirit of Independence Award during halftime of the 2015 Independence Bowl.

Story by Tom Pace, Publisher & radio host “Talk of the Town” 90.7FM

Bossier City will soon be home to the first Camping World Store in Northwest Louisiana, according to Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World, Title Sponsor of the Independence Bowl.

That new facility will actually be a partnership with Southern RV, said Lemonis in an exclusive interview with Tom Pace, December 26th, 2015 as he watched the Camping World Independence Bowl from atop his suite in the south end zone of Independence Stadium.

Tom Pace (right) interviews Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis prior to the 2015 Independence Bowl in Shreveport.
Tom Pace (right) interviews Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis prior to the 2015 Independence Bowl in Shreveport.

“We are announcing, the beginning part of January, that we have partnered up with Southern RV, it’ll become Camping World, so there’s Bossier City is the first store we’ll have here, I think probably by the end of January, there’ll be a Camping World here in town, so we’re very excited,” Lemonis proclaimed, with a big smile on his face.

Like a proud papa, he continued, “It is about paying it forward, but I think you have to stop in time for just a moment, and instead of looking ahead, look to your left and to your right, and really recognize the people that are walking with you, not behind you or in front of you, and never forget that.”

Almost like a prophet, Lemonis summed up his belief this way, “I think sometimes people are so worried about what’s happening tomorrow or what happed yesterday. Instead of just recognizing and enjoying the people you are with right now. Like just being with you, just enjoyable to be with the person you’re with right now. And no sort of forget that.”

His eyes seemed to look right into your very soul. That would be an apt description of Marcus Lemonis, who spoke from his heart, “We know this area well, we’re starting to do some business down here. And when you look at a bowl game like the Independence Bowl, that’s been out there for 40 years, you really have to work hard to make sure that legacies don’t die.”

Finally, Lemonis said, “When you come to a town like Shreveport and Bossier City, the hospitality is world class…it’s the people here that really put it on, that have made this a great event.”