BPCC, NSU sign reverse transfer agreement

Courtesy Photo | BPCC Chancellor Dr. Rick Bateman and NSU President Dr. Jim Henderson signed a reverse transfer of credit agreement that will award students who transferred from BPCC to NSU an associate degree for credits earned at NSU.  

NATCHITOCHES – Administrators from Northwestern State University and Bossier Parish Community College signed a reverse transfer of credit agreement to benefit students who transferred from BPCC to NSU before completing their associate degree.  New BPCC Logo

Under the agreement, credits earned at NSU can be transferred back to the student’s BPCC transcript to satisfy requirements for an associate degree.  Students will be able to include their associate degree on a resume while continuing to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

NSU Official SEAL “This agreement is beneficial to the communities we jointly serve,” said Dr. Jim Henderson, NSU president. “Students that attend BPCC can add the associate degree to their transcript without red tape, without jumping through hoops.  Our institutions are willing to put the needs of the students first.”

BPCC Chancellor Dr. Rick Bateman said the concept of reverse transfer is new in Louisiana and other institutions will be taking note of the process.

“This is what innovation looks like, when you are willing to cross institutions to serve students,” Bateman said.

Having an associate degree from BPCC is an important credential to prospective employers, according to Dr. Lisa Abney, NSU provost and vice president for academic affairs, and the agreement creates a more seamless path for students in higher education.

“Many of these students may be surprised to learn that they have completed the required credits for an associate degree and realized that milestone,” Abney said. “We work with adult learners in our community and this is another way to help them along and help them move up.”

“Today is about students and about opportunities,” said Lesa Taylor-Dupree, vice chancellor for academic affairs at BPCC.  “We gladly take on the role of blazing the trail and determining opportunities with reverse transfer.”

Northwestern State and Bossier Parish Community College already have several agreements in place that facilitate the path for students to achieve their educational goals while meeting workforce needs and promoting economic development in northwest Louisiana.