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BPL releases strategic plan for 2016 – 2020

Library Director Heather McEntee couldn’t be more excited about what’s coming to Bossier Parish.

Community libraries are still thriving and now striving to be a place where everyone benefits. Libraries are the place where lives are changed for the better…where people go to reach their full potential.

Bossier Parish Libraries has come up with a plan that will take the local library system into the year 2020. Rather than having multiple pages of text, McEntee said they simplified it down to a single page.

“Our last strategic plan from 2008 to 2010 was 142 pages. No one is going to read that,” McEntee said. “Our administrative leadership team got together and decided that we would do just one page that highlights our mission and three goals that tie into achieving that mission.”

The three things are — informed communities, educated communities and entertained communities. The strategic plan outlines the objectives and how to achieve them.

“We haven’t had a strategic focus in the past several years so we are really excited about this,” McEntee said. “With the world changing, we felt like we needed something in writing for the community to see that shows what we’re doing here.”

The most important part of this plan is that it will be changing lives in the community.

“Bossier Parish is a great place to live, work and go to school. It’s important for us to contribute to that high quality of life here,” McEntee said. “We are here to help our parish and our communities.”

A copy of the strategic plan was given to each branch manager to come up with a plan for their individual communities. With this plan, there is the potential for site expansions, creating new programs, classes and services, and more workforce readiness opportunities.

“We are really focusing on community engagement and getting outside the four walls of the library,” McEntee said. “We want people to see why they need their community library. Libraries are more important now than they have ever been. We want people to see that we offer more than just books. We have so many services for people to use. This strategic plan will showcase what we offer and where their tax dollars are going.”

Once this strategic plan ends, McEntee said they will make plans to take them into the next five years. The best part about it is that all these things will be offered free through the library.

McEntee encourages each community to join the excitement and get involved.

“We depend on the community to tell us what they want,” she said. “We can’t always accommodate, but we can certainly take a look at an idea and go from there. The sky is the limit.”

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