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Brown: A lesson from Mother Nature

Sometimes, we seem to forget the delicate balance of Mother Nature. I quite often think about the exacting perfection with which God designed our earth. If we were any closer to the sun, we would burn up. If we were any further away from the sun, there would be ice everywhere. Needless to say, in either one of these instances, we would not be here on this earth. Truly, all of this exacting science is no mere accident. Rather, it is quite evident (and totally obvious to all who want to understand) that God created this earth in perfect balance so that we may inhabit it and be able to live here as we do.

Truly, there are certain things that mankind has done to interfere with the perfect balance of God’s plan. However, our earth remains and until the day of rapture, judgement and repentance arrives, so do we. Most certainly, we must take care of our environment (in all forms) and protect it from intentional harm at all costs. However, we  many times interfere with nature unintentionally. A few weeks ago, this is exactly what happened to me.

RandyAbout a year ago, birds decided to build a nest under my brand new carport. At first, I was excited – watching each day for some type of activity and any sign of life. However, I did not see anything at all for the remainder of the Spring and all Summer long. As this past Fall and Winter approached, I thought almost daily about removing the unsightly bird nest. However, I left it untouched. In my normal daily routine, I don’t think a single day passed without the bird nest being the very last thing that I saw before getting into my car to leave my home. As time passed, I began to grow rather fond of the fact that my carport had been chosen to be at least a temporary home to a group of baby birds as they were born into this world. I assumed that everything was ok and that the bird nest was in fact being used for its intended purpose. However, I still witnessed absolutely no activity whatsoever.

As I said above, a few weeks ago, I  interfered with nature’s delicate balance. How did this happen? Well, about a three weeks ago, late one afternoon/early evening, I went on a cleaning binge at which point I finally decided to remove the 12 month old bird nest from my carport. I figured that the seemingly long forgotten bird nest no longer had any function or served any purpose whatsoever. Imagine my shock and amazement when I touched the nest and two tiny baby birds fell to the ground. I stood transfixed on my ladder in sheer and utter disbelief staring at the baby birds on the ground. In fact, I was in temporary shock and entered a somewhat panicked state of disbelief. By the time I climbed down off of the ladder and looked down at the amazingly tiny and delicate baby birds, I immediately noticed that they had expired due to the impact of their long fall. Thus, their death was a direct result of my stupid interference. I stood over the two baby birds practically in tears. I immediately began to blame myself and I once again wished with everything in me that I would have left the bird nest (and nature) alone. I felt so ashamed. I felt so stupid.

As you can probably tell from my words above, I am still not over it. I can not adequately describe how terrible I felt the next morning (as I was leaving for the office) when I looked up where the bird nest had been and saw the Mama bird sitting there obviously looking for her babies and the nest. I felt horrible. At that point, I  yet again wished with everything in me that I would have never thought of touching the bird nest, let alone removing it from my carport.

All day long, I thought of what I had done and of the delicate balance of nature that I had unintentionally disordered. When I arrived at home that same evening, I was again shocked and totally amazed when I looked up at the spot where the bird nest had been. There in the same exact spot, a new nest was already being built. Yes, a new bird nest was being built just a few hours after I had removed the old nest.

In the days and weeks that have followed, the new bird nest has grown ever increasingly larger with each passing day. It is now much bigger than the former nest it replaced. Believe me, I am not  touching it…ever….no matter how big…no matter how unsightly…..no matter what! What a lesson I have learned from this incident! What a great, perfect, delicate and natural balance we have on this earth as a part of God’s design. Hopefully, I will soon hear the beautiful sound of baby birds chirping underneath my carport. When I do, things will have been restored, I will have been restored!

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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