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Brown: Bossier is a clean place to live/work/play

Spring is here. We all think of spring cleaning and making things look renewed and fresh at this time of year. And as such, our city and parish leaders have been doing the same thing…and for many years now.

Last Saturday, Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington staged his 2nd Annual “Operation Clean Sweep.” According to the information that we received at BPT from the Bossier Sheriff’s Office, nearly 100 Bossier Sheriff’s Office deputies, staff, Young Marines and community volunteers picked up 131 bags of trash at six different locations throughout Bossier as a part of “Operation Clean Sweep” this past Saturday. Wow! what a wonderful thing! I salute our Sheriff and his team (as well as the community volunteers and Young Marines) for being a part of this great event for the second straight year!

RandyAs evidenced by this event and also the fact that we all quite frequently see Bossier parish inmates, community volunteer organizations and others along our parish roadways and intersections picking up trash, the appearance of a clean city/parish is quite important to our community at large. It is also very obviously important  to our Sheriff, our Police Jury and our Mayors from around Bossier Parish, as well as many others.

Personally, I was fortunate enough to be a part of our Keep Bossier Beautiful (Clean City Committee) for many years. And, I was honored to serve as both a KBB board member and as KBB Board President during my time as a member of this fantastic group of committed volunteers. In sitting on this board, I have personally witnessed the heavy involvement of the Bossier Sheriff’s Office, the City of Bossier City Mayor’s office, the Bossier Parish Police Jury, the Bossier Parish School Board and the Bossier Chamber of Commerce (who all have representatives of their respective organizations as a part of this organization). Keep Bossier Beautiful is also a part of events such as “Operation Clean Sweep” mentioned above and many other similar events, as well as conducting Earth Day educational programs in Bossier Parish schools during the week of Earth Day (which is actually today..April 22nd). KBB also works on a continuous basis with Shreveport Green and other area environmentally related organizations. KBB is also a member of both the statewide Keep Louisiana Beautiful and the nationwide Keep America Beautiful.

Again, in being a part of Keep Bossier Beautiful for the past few years, I have quite often witnessed the attention paid by Sheriff Whittington and the City of Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker in terms of how important it is to put forth the visual perception of a clean city/parish in relation to the visitors that we so often have within our midst. Whether it is for major events like the Bass Master Classic that we have now hosted twice or large annual events like the upcoming Barksdale Air Show, the perception of a clean city/parish is of vital importance to us all! Also, prospective business and industry officials are now visiting our area on a constantly increasing frequent basis. Thus, our appearance could play a major role in their decision in locating their businesses in our area.

We all love cleanliness. As such, our city/parish is absolutely no exception. Again, I applaud all of our city/parish leaders for placing such a high degree of both importance and attention to our appearance. Their effort(s) has already paid off for us all in many ways and their initiative in this area will continue to pay off exponentially in the years ahead.

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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