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Brown: Progress in Bossier

Work on the expansion of Swan Lake Road in the Parish in June 2018. (Courtesy of Bossier Parish Police Jury)

I have written so many times, including last week, that things are really happening in Bossier. The facts are the facts: We are so fortunate to be in Bossier, a great place to live, work, and play. 

For many years now, Bossier has been the fastest growing area in Louisiana north of I-10. And, although there is growth in several cities across north Louisiana, Bossier is where it’s really happening. 

There are so many people that are wanting to experience what is happening and to be a part of the great things going on in Bossier. I am not trying to be arrogant and I certainly don’t want to disrespect our sister city across the river, but even though there are things happening there, it in no way compares to what is happening here in Bossier.

This past week, almost everything that I was involved with concerned the progress being made in Bossier. Almost everywhere I turned, I was faced with exciting news and information concerning the great things happening. In doing what we do at the Bossier Press-Tribune, we get to have this type of experience practically each and every day. We are so fortunate and blessed to have a front row seat in reporting and bringing our readership audience the exciting news and information surrounding the many great things happening in Bossier. 

Last week, I attended two different meetings that concerned progress in Bossier City. First off, the long awaited Shed Road widening project between Airline Drive and Benton Road is within just a a few short days of finally being finished. And, as I personally witnessed last week, the new Walter O. Bigby Carriageway which will extend the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway north to Benton Road, is well underway. I was amazed at the progress that has been made on the carriageway project in the less than two months since we attended the groundbreaking ceremonies, especially in consideration of the unseasonably wet Summer season. 

Randy Brown, publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune

On a personal note, I cannot wait to see the further development of Innovation Drive that will run from Swan Lake Road parallel to I-220, cutting behind the Stirling Shopping Center and connecting to Airline Drive in the vicinity of Greenacres Boulevard. Just as with the countless other roadway and infrastructure projects going on within both Bossier City and Bossier Parish, this new roadway will be a huge benefit  to drivers.

In Bossier Parish, I learned that Phase 1 of the Swan Lake Road widening project, which will eventually extend Swan Lake Road from Bossier City to Crouch Road near Cypress Lake in Benton, is scheduled to be complete by early 2020. Furthermore, there is also roadway work going on Kingston Road that will accommodate residents in that area and will also provide traffic relief for the two schools in that area — Kingston Elementary and the new Benton High School.

These are just some of the things that I learned last week, and as each new week begins, I can not wait to see what I will learn and also what we will get to experience on our BPT staff as it relates to the many great things happening in Bossier.   

And, before I close this column, I have to mention the upcoming Bossier Progress annual edition produced by our sister publication BIZ. Magazine and sponsored by Willis Knighton Health System. Publishing Aug. 1, this annual edition of BIZ. shows the many great and exciting things that are happening at this time in Bossier. In discussing this publication with BIZ. Magazine Publisher Sean Green, I learned that he has content galore concerning progress in Bossier. In fact, so much content that he is going to have a hard time working it all into the space that he has available. But, as we say in our business, what a great problem to have.

This is indeed a great time to be in Bossier. Thanks to everyone who works so hard each and every day in making this great city and parish what it has grown to be.

Randy Brown is publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com.

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