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BSO Corrections Emergency Response Team commended by Sheriff Whittington

Courtesy Photo | Pictured, from left to right, are: Corrections Chief Tommy Hancock, deputies Cody Callicote, John Hadden, Joshua Pike, Dillon Lopez, Kyle Wallace, Michael Skinner, Michele Jester, Joshua Hendrix, Robert Thompson, John Fondron, Brandon Alsabrook and Jeremy Roberts, Sgt. Joey Bowen, Sgt. Chris Alford and Sheriff Julian Whittington.

The 11-member Bossier Sheriff CERT team, which returned victorious Friday after two days of competition at the 2016 Mock Prison Riot in West Virginia, received letters of commendation from Sheriff Julian Whittington.

“We at the Sheriff’s Office and all of Bossier Parish can be proud of this outstanding performance by our excellent team,” said Whittington. “This shows what can be accomplished when talented personnel train so hard. Believe me, these deputies don’t do anything by half.”

Team members are Lt. Brad Anderson and Sgt. Joey Bowen (CERT commander), and deputies Brandon Alsabrook, Robert Thompson, Michele Jester, J.D. Hadden, Chase Hesson, Scott Nelson, Cody Callicoatte, Michael Skinner, and Joshua Hendrix.

There were five team events:

1- Obstacle course –  took third place. This is an endurance course with 17 obstacles to overcome. Their time was five minutes, 43 seconds.

2- Visibility zero – The team took second place. This is a course run completely in darkness, other than flashlights on person. The objective was to breach doors, clear rooms, rescue hostages and remove threats. The team’s time was three minutes, 55 seconds.

3- Search and clear – The team took first place. This is a complicated multi story building event. It begins in a SWAT van, then the team rushes to a designated area to fire two 40 mm rounds into a standard window, then on to a hostage search and rescue operation. Challenges included crawling through a small tunnel and clearing the entire structure. Their time was three minutes, three seconds.

4- Open air hostage rescue – The team took third place. This is an event to simulate a prison riot and hostile takeover of a prison facility. It included an initiation by sniper fire on threat targets. After sniper fire came threat take-out, returning hostiles to cells, and rescuing hostages, taking them to a safe area. The team’s time was two minutes, 20 seconds.

5- Lumberjack (shooting) competition- The team took first place. This event was shooting at a 12-inch painted area on a two-by-four with the objective of cutting it in two with duty-issued pistols. Their time was 11.18 seconds, an all-time course record.

All events were run with five-person teams.

The BSO team finished in a very close second place overall, among 22 teams from across the country with 30 nations represented.

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