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BSO honors staff at annual Christmas Banquet

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington presented ‘years of service’ certificates to deputies and staff members at the annual Christmas Banquet at the Viking Drive Substation on Dec. 12. 

He also presented awards for the ‘Employee of the Year’ for the different divisions and Reserve deputy.

The employees of the Year honorees are Sgt. Cory MacIsaac, Corrections Division; Dep. Chad Gauthier, Criminal Division; Shelly Owens, Support Division; Reserve Deputy of the Year, Dep. Ken Lee who logged in 445 hours 40 minutes of reserve time serving the sheriff’s Office. A special honor went to Dep. Leighton Becker, who received the BSO Commendation Award for heroic actions taken while apprehending a violent fugitive.   

Sheriff Whittington;  

I would like to recognize TFO Detective Leighton Becker for his actions that prevented the possible injuring of civilians and or task force personnel during a potentially deadly 

While attempting to effect the arrest of a fugitive, Anthony Ivory, TFO Becker, and other Task Force Officers (TFO) observed Ivory sitting on a bed playing a video game with a game controller in his hands. When the officers identified themselves as the “Police”, Ivory immediately dropped the game controller, moved his hands to the inside his front waistband and attempted to draw a concealed handgun. Observing there were two small children in the line of fire TFO Becker jumped on the bed onto fugitive Ivory, pinned his arms against his body and was able to successfully wrestle the handgun away from Ivory.  Simultaneously, TFO Joel Davidson secured the handgun which had fallen to the floor and handed off both small children outside the bedroom to TFO Justin McDonnell.

The quick thinking and actions taken by TFO Becker prevented a possible shooting in a confined space occupied by the fugitive, multiple small children and other innocent civilians. 

I consider his actions to be heroic and believe TFO Detective Becker represents the best of our Violent Offender Task Force and is a great ambassador for the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office.  

Here are the honorees for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service:

5-year employees:

10-year employees:

15-year employees:

20-year employees:


25-year employees:

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