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Burnett: Legislative Committees Announced

Carmody nabs Commerce chair – Shreveport state Rep. Thomas Carmody has been appointed chaiman of the House Commerce Committee by Speaker Taylor Barras, R-New Iberia.

Carmody, a Republican who is serving his third term as the representative of House District 6, is the only northwest legislator to get a chairmanship. Carmody told the Fax-Net: “It’s certainly an honor to be asked to serve as chairman of House Commerce Committee. I am  thankful to Speaker Barras for his confidence and this opportunity. I am excited to work with him and all of  the House members in this capacity! “I always have enjoyed serving on this particular committee and believe my talents are well suited to the task. In my opinion, House Commerce is actually the Best Committee in our state capitol.  “House Commerce handles such varied and interesting subject matter. I certainly look forward to working with our staff and each of the committee members.”lou Burnett

Indeed it does. Here is the description of the jurisdiction of the House Commerce Committee: “To this committee shall be referred, in accordance with the rules, all legislative instruments, messages, petitions, memorials and other matters relating to the following subjects: Commerce generally; Banking and the regulation thereof; Communication by telephone, telegraph, radio and television; Registering and licensing of vessels and small boats; Navigation and laws relating thereto; Regulation of common carriers by water; Consumer protection; Laws relating to merchandising; Regulation, licensing, or certification of occupations  and professions generally, except those fields which are health related; Interest rates; Savings and loan and homestead associations; Small loan companies; Regulation and licensing of businesses and occupations; Protection of trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies; Corporations; and Tourism.”

Two other area representatives were appointed as vice-chairmen.  Republican state Rep. Jim Morris of Oil City, who represents House District 1, was named vice-chair of the influential Ways and Means Committee, which is the tax-writing panel in the House.

Republican state Rep. Mike Johnson of Bossier  City, who was elected in 2015 to represent House District 8, will serve as vice-chair of the House  Judiciary Committee. Here are the committees on which northwest Louisiana representatives will serve: Jim Morris, R-House District 1 – Ways and Means Committee (vice chair); Natural Resources and Environment Committee. Sam Jenkins, D-House District 2 – Civil Law and Procedure Committee; House and Governmental Affairs Committee, Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs Committee. Barbara Norton, D-House District 3 – Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs Committee; Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee. Cedric Glover, D-District 4 – Commerce Committee; Insurance Committee; Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs Committee. Alan Seabaugh, R-District 5 – Civil Law and Procedure Committee; Insurance Committee; Labor and Industrial Relations Committee. Thomas Carmody, R-District 6 – Commerce Committee (chairman). Larry Bagley, R-District 7 – Health and Welfare Committee; Labor and Industrial Relations Committee. Mike Johnson, R-District 8 – Judiciary Committee (vice chair); Civil Law and Procedure Committee; Health and Welfare Committee. Dodie Horton, R-District 9 – Education Committee; Labor and Industrial Relations Committee; Ways and Means Committee. Gene Reynolds, D-District 10 – Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture and Rural Development Committee; Commerce Committee; Education Committee.

Lou Gehrig Burnett is a seasoned veteran of national and local politics. He publishes Fax-Net Update, a weekly political newsletter.

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