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Calling all Louisiana sportsmen to help feed the hungry


Louisiana sportsmen can help the needy in their community by donating to Hunters For The Hungry Louisiana upon purchasing a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries license.

As more residents are renewing or purchasing new fishing licenses this spring, Hunters For The Hungry Louisiana (H4H) is kindly reminding hunters and fishermen to help feed the hungry in their region by donating at checkout. Donations are used to pay processing fees of donated deer in your community. Any donation is welcome and more than appreciated. This can be accomplished on the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website or by making a request at a local license provider.

Louisiana is in the midst of a hunger crisis and H4H has programs in place that provide protein to the needy, which is the most expensive part of every meal. We had another amazing year thanks to the generosity of Louisiana’s sportsmen. There were over 800 deer that were donated to the partner processors through the “Freshly Harvested Deer Program.” Between this and the annual “Clean Out Your Freezer Day,” H4H provided over 55,000 pounds of protein, resulting in over 220,000 meals on the tables of the needy throughout the state of Louisiana.

To increase the coverage of processing fees, and ultimately provide more meals next year, H4H encourages sportsmen to share and show their community they care by following these steps:

Purchase a fishing license from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at https://www.h4hla.org/buy-license or ask a local license provider.

Donate any amount to Hunters For the Hungry Louisiana at checkout.

Visit www.h4hla.org/donate to make a monetary donation directly to the organization.

“Considering all of the uncertainty that COVID and several damaging hurricanes handed to our state, we were blown away by the donations of protein made in the name of our organization. We expect the deer donations to increase next year, and this is why we greatly need help with processing costs. With the amount of licenses that are purchased annually in Louisiana, even a $1 donation per purchase could make a tremendous impact to the amount of protein that we are able to provide to so many statewide,” says Julie Grunewald, executive director of Hunters For The Hungry Louisiana.

To learn more about the mission and programs under Hunters For The Hungry Louisiana or to become involved with the organization, visit www.h4hla.org.

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