Home Life Carol and Jimmie Davis celebrate Golden Anniversary

Carol and Jimmie Davis celebrate Golden Anniversary


Carol and Jimmie Davis celebrated 50 years of marriage Nov. 10, 2013.

Their children are Seleta Rich and Michael Scott Davis (wife Christy Davis) of Bossier City. Grandchildren are Keelan Rich, Dylan Rich and Lauren Davis.

Carol and Jimmie have been residents of Bossier Parish for more than 50 years. Now retired and enjoying a relaxed lifestyle, counting their blessings for family, friends and time to enjoy each other.

In 1963, Rev. Simon B. Combs, Carol’s pastor, admonished Carol and Jimmie to remember their marriage is a covenant marriage between them and God – a sacred commitment to be honored when circumstances are good and bad. To grow old together in sickness and health requires commitment, patience and love for each other. Thanking God for his continued blessings on their marriage and family.

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