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Check presented to victim

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington presents a check for $4,860 from the Louisiana Crime Victims Reparations program Thursday to 20-year-old Carnellious Cooper of Shreveport.

Reparations fund sees check given to man affected by hit and run 

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington presented a check for $4,860 from the Louisiana Crime Victims Reparations Program last week to Shreveport man seriously injured in a hit and run.

Carnellious Cooper, 20, was waking to a bus stop when he was struck by a vehicle earlier this year.

“Carnellious was walking from a bus stop to his evening job at a restaurant on Stockwell Road near East Texas Street when (the incident occurred) back on Feb. 8,” said Whittington. “This money will help offset the loss of wages that resulted from that injury.”

The vehicle struck him from behind, knocking him unconscious into a draining ditch.

“I never even saw the vehicle,” Carnellious said.

Next thing he remembers is waking up around 8 p.m. and calling 9-1-1. He suffered two broken legs, a broken right arm and a collapsed lung. He is still undergoing therapy and is not presently able to work.

The fund also paid nearly $5,200 in medical expenses for Carnellious.

The Louisiana Crime Victims Reparations Fund is a state-funded program established in 1982 to compensate victims and family members of victims of crimes. The Bossier Sheriff’s Office manages the program for Bossier Parish, which is financed by fines levied in criminal court cases and paid by convicted offenders.

Some of the expenses that may be covered are medical bills, loss of wages, mental health charges, funeral costs and catastrophic property loss.

“This is an important program for our residents who have become a crime victim, and it’s an opportunity for us in law enforcement to help meet a real need in their time of distress,” said Whittington.

To apply for compensation through the Crime Victims’ Reparations Program by contacting Sgt. Tina Fruge of the Bossier Sheriff’s Office at (318) 965-3500.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.