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CHRISTUS responds to notion that hospital could be used for Ebola patients

CHRISTUS Health Shreveport-Bossier released the following statement in response to an idea that their St. Mary’s campus could be used to treat local Ebola patients:

“There appears to be a misconception that the Schumpert building is standing empty, but that’s not the case.  The building will be in use until November of 2015, and it’s currently housing important services like inpatient rehab, cancer therapy, radiology, PET imaging, nutritional services, and it currently provides helipad landing for LifeAir helicopter.  There may be as many as 300 Associates working there now, so it’s certainly not an empty building.

Second—and most importantly—we don’t think that’s the best solution for our patients.  The areas of Schumpert that are not in use aren’t appropriate today for fragile or critically ill patients.  It’s best for really sick patients to be treated in hospital areas that are set up to treat them.

Third, we’re following CDC recommendations for treating potential Ebola infections, and they don’t call for a centralized hospital treatment facility at this point.  The guidance we currently have is that every hospital needs to be ready to triage and treat a potential Ebola case.  We will keep up with these guidelines.”

The idea began when stated by Willis-Knighton CEO Jim Elrod said he wanted to have one dedicated site to handle any highly contagious, critically ill patients — from diseases such as Ebola — in Shreveport-Bossier earlier this month while speaking at a North Shreveport Business Association meeting.

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