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CIC gets $5 mill Dept. of Homeland Security grant


The Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) will receive a $5 million dollar competitive grant from the Department of Homeland Security to expand its cyber education programs.

Grant funds will enable the CIC to continue its national roll-out of Cyber Discovery, further develop a national network of subject matter experts, deliver professional development to high school teachers, and increase student interest and awareness in cyberspace.

“As cyber-attacks against our country continue to grow, it is increasingly clear that we must prepare today for the threats of tomorrow. With these funds, the CIC’s cyber programs can expand to more universities across the country, helping to grow the pipelines for young people to continue their STEM education and become the next generation of cyber warriors,” said Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.

A cornerstone of this grant is Cyber Discovery. Developed in partnership with Louisiana Tech University, Cyber Discovery engages students and teachers in the world of cyberspace through a dynamic, immersive experience. By providing an interdisciplinary program that connects liberal arts and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines, participants are able to gain a new understanding and appreciation for both challenges and opportunities in cyberspace. This approach not only engages students but also empowers teachers by incorporating a professional development component within the program.

Cyber Discovery was developed in 2008 and has since been recognized as a national model for cyber education. Over the past two years, the program has been expanded at Louisiana Tech University and implemented at the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland. During the summer of 2014, the CIC and its team of subject matter experts will expand the Cyber Discovery program to two new universities. Over the next ten years, the CIC expects to reach more than 1.7 million students and 12,000 teachers through 700 high schools and 65 university partnerships.

“The CIC is committed to addressing the nation’s cyber education needs. Its programs have had a tremendous impact on the region and through this grant we’ll be able to replicate these successes in communities across the nation in order to build a cyber-workforce for the future,” said Vice President of the Cyber Innovation Center G.B. Cazes. “Developing a capable cyber-workforce is critical to our nation’s future national security and economic dominance. We greatly appreciate the Senator’s continued leadership and commitment to support proven, innovative cyber education and training programs that have a real impact on students while solving our nation’s cyber-workforce needs.”

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.