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CIC receives the first AT&T Fiber Ready Designation in Louisiana

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AT&T and Bossier Parish community leaders announced today that the Cyber Innovation Center in Bossier City, LA, has been designated AT&T Fiber Ready. The Cyber Innovation Center is the first site in Louisiana to receive AT&T’s Fiber Ready designation.

Over the last year, the Cyber Innovation Center/National Cyber Research Park has experienced tremendous growth with the groundbreaking of the new CSC building, the announcement of the new Bossier Parish Community College STEM Building, and plans for the new Louisiana Tech Research Institute. With that growth comes an increased need for high-speed Internet and high-capacity bandwidth, a need that can be answered through this new partnership with AT&T.

Photo by Randy Brown, Press-Tribune
Photo by Randy Brown, Press-Tribune

“AT&T is proud to highlight the Cyber Innovation Center as one of many places across Louisiana where AT&T’s fiber infrastructure is in place and ready to help local businesses drive job creation,” said Sonia Perez, president of AT&T Louisiana. “Each and every day, our employees are turning our billions of dollars of investment into high-speed Internet for consumers and businesses across Louisiana, and those investments are possible in large part because of the smart, pro-investment policies, championed at the local and state levels by Mayor Lo Walker and Senator Barrow Peacock, and because of the pro-business pursuits of local leaders.”

Mayor Lo Walker expressed his pride in our local community’s newest achievement, “Bossier is home to the first site to receive this designation in Louisiana, and I believe that is indicative of the great work being done here in the community to encourage economic development. This Fiber Ready designation can be a tremendous asset for our economic development leaders as they continue to work to attract businesses and jobs to our community.”

In today’s world, connectivity is vital to new employers and businesses of every type.

“When a business is considering a new location, company leadership considers transportation infrastructure, ease of access to utilities, the quality of the local workforce, and the presence of fiber optics and high-speed communications infrastructure,” said Jack Skaggs, President of Bossier Parish Police Jury. “Because of the increased importance of communications infrastructure, this Fiber Ready designation offers the opportunity to clearly show the presence of modern communications services and can be a valuable tool as we continue to aggressively recruit Data Centers and other employers to the area.”

Craig Spohn, President of the Cyber Innovation Center, agreed, “The AT&T Fiber Ready designation is vital in our efforts to diversify the region’s economic base by attracting companies to the area that require the availability of high-speed, fiber-based services. Having access to the most advanced broadband communications infrastructure and capacity in our building will also allow us to continue to create the vibrant and competitive knowledge-based local workforce needed by those companies.”

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