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City judge candidate speaks to south Bossier group


The South Bossier Lunch group met for the first time since March Wednesday afternoon with guest Speaker Santi Parks, candidate for Bossier City Judge.

After introducing himself to attendees. Parks spoke briefly about his educational background and his family’s military experience.

“We are a family of Bossier. My family came here because of Barksdale. We stayed because of Bossier. Bossier is a great place to live. I’m proud of my family’s military service,” Parks said.

“Deployment, moves, things of that nature that are necessary in the armed forces are near and dear to my heart because my family has lived it. So I understand with Barksdale being here we have a lot of airmen, service members that are deployed, they have moved. So I intend to take my experience and my families experience and draw on those and deal with that in a fashion with experience dealing with individuals who are in the armed forces,” he added.

Parks then noted from his experience working in the legal system which he stated that Bossier Parish is a safe place to live.

“Keeping Bossier safe as you know is a luxury of us living here. Bossier is very safe.  We’re doing an excellent job here. Our Bossier City Police, our Sheriff’s office. We’re doing a fantastic job. Our prosecutor’s office is doing a fantastic job,” said Parks.

Parks went on to say through his experience as a father, coach, public defender and prosecutor make him uniquely qualified for the position he is running for.

“When I go into these cases that involve certain kinds of thefts, juvenile crimes or crimes involving children. I reflect back on my interaction with kids, my kids, what’s this place going to be like when they get there. So those are experiences that I take back with me. That’s always on the front of my brain when I screen my cases. There are times to be tough and there’s times to show grace, and being able to identify which one is which I think will make a good judge. And having those experiences that I’ve had as a father, coach, public defender and a prosecutor. I think that makes me uniquely qualified for the position that I am seeking,” said Parks.

The South Bossier Lunch group’s goal is to bring together men and women in our South Bossier community that want to stay informed and want to make a difference in our community. 

Their vision is that the luncheon will help South Bossier business owners, stakeholders, community leaders, and community partners network with each other and discuss the growth, development, and business future of South Bossier and Bossier City.

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