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City of Bossier City receives incentives check from SWEPCO

Pictured left to right: Bossier Civic Center Superintendent of Building Maintenance Louie Thompson, SWEPCO’s Principal Energy Efficiency and Consumer Program Coordinator Jeff Thigpen, SWEPCO’s External Affairs Manager Michael Corbin, Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker and Bossier Civic Center Executive Director Kathy Davis
Company rewards installation of new lighting at Civic Center

Southwestern Electric Power Co. (SWEPCO) presented the City of Bossier City with a $35,479 check Thursday for installing energy efficient lighting at the city’s Civic Center.

The Bossier Civic Center, located at 620 Benton Road, now features high-efficiency LED lights both inside and outside the facility.

The City received the incentive check as part of SWEPCO’s Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program.

“We offer programs to help businesses and residential customers improve the energy efficiency in their facilities and their homes – it’s a win, win for SWEPCO as well as the customers,” said Thigpen.

Before the new LED install and after the project. (Courtesy of SWEPCO)

“We want to thank SWEPCO for their generosity, and it is a win-win,” said Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker. “This is an excellent facility, and the lights are outstanding. I know our customers (are thankful).”

All inside and outside lighting, which consisted of fluorescent and incandescent in the offices and common areas and metal halide high bay fixtures in the exhibit halls, were replaced with LEDs.

The project will yield $22,000 in yearly savings for the Bossier Civic Center, and anticipated annual electric savings from this project will be approximately 70 kW in demand and 278,206 kWh in energy.

“This is a public facility, funded with public dollars, and it’s prudent for all of us to try to help in any way we can and to be good stewards of the dollars that we have available,” said Jeff Thigpen, principal energy efficiency and consumer program coordinator. “(The Civic Center) is funded by customers and the money is spent back on customers.”

The new lights will also lower maintenance costs and last more than 20 years.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.