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Citywide boil advisory issued for Bossier City


From The City of Bossier City:

At approximately 9:00 pm on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021, the Bossier City water system began experiencing widespread low water pressure calls. Crews have been working through the night to identify and address potential problems to improve pressure. The majority of the pressure loss is due to the extreme cold weather requiring customers to run water to prevent freezing pipes combined with countless ruptures to customer’s service lines.

Bossier is monitoring the system pressure closely and sustaining pressures at approximately 30 psi throughout the system. Bossier is doing everything possible to maintain and increase water pressure. However, it is with an abundance of caution that we are issuing a system wide boil advisory to be in effect until system pressure normalizes and clear health samples are pulled.

This advisory applies to Bossier’s bulk water customers. Specifically, the Cypress Black Bayou Water System, the Town of Benton Water System, and the Country Place Water System. The City of Bossier City will provide additional information as it becomes available. Your continued patience as we work to resolve this is greatly appreciated.

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