Committee To Re-elect Bossier City Mayor “Lo” Walker Hosts Reception in Bossier City

Honoring Bossier City Mayor “Lo” Walker, the Committee to re-elect Mayor Lo Walker hosted a reception Thursday evening at Silver Star Smokehouse

Friends, family, and special guests celebrated Bossier City Mayor Lorenz “Lo” Walker Thursday as he seeks to make history in Bossier Parish.

Honoring Bossier City Mayor “Lo” Walker, the Committee to re-elect Mayor Lo Walker hosted a reception Thursday evening at Silver Star Smokehouse celebrating his administration’s progressive achievements on behalf of Bossier City.

During the reception, Mayor Walker spoke about his plans for another term and achievement for Bossier.

Listed below are a few talking points Mayor Walker made at the reception:

“I am running for re-election because I wish to continue having a key role in the success of Bossier City — which I dearly love, the challenges to Bossier City, like almost every city in the US, are great but so are the opportunities. The city has over $151 million in ongoing design and construction projects, over $81 million currently under construction, seven projects in the design or bid phase, 23 projects under construction, and seven subdivisions in or nearing the construction phase.”

“We continue to be recognized as a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Our population is now estimated to be well over 70,000 residents and we host a huge transient population every day. We are now recognized as the sixth-largest city in the state and the fastest growing of the large cities.”

“Bossier is also known as a ‘military town’ because it is the home of Barksdale AFB, a really great military installation. The outstanding people who work there in service to our nation are also great neighbors, and though most move on to other areas, many decide to return to Bossier to retire.”

“Personally, I thoroughly enjoy working for our city and with the outstanding civic, business, and military leaders in our community. Bossier City is fortunate to have a great administrative team to serve our city and I want to continue to be a part of that team. Having 33 years of experience in positions of leadership in Bossier City qualifies me to fill this important position of Mayor. I am in excellent health and well prepared to serve as the Mayor of Bossier City for another four years.”

“We know who the boss is, that’s the citizen. And we are making darn sure that we spend the money that is provided in an effective and safe manner.”

“We are the sixth-largest city in the state now. They tell us we are the fastest growing in the state. But we don’t grow just to be growing. We have what we call a controlled growth.”

“In closing, I want to express my appreciation to my family for supporting me through all this. I want to especially thank the employees of Bossier City. We got some of the best people that you will ever meet. They sure make me look good.”

Mayor Walker made his candidacy announcement for re-election as Mayor of Bossier City for a record fifth term in 2019.

If elected, Walker would be the longest-serving mayor in the history of the City of Bossier City. He is currently tied with the deceased former mayor George Dement, who also served four terms.

Mayor Walker, a native of Shreveport, graduated from Fair Park High School in 1951 and enrolled at Louisiana Tech University a year later. He graduated Cum Laude in 1956 as Outstanding Business School Graduate, Distinguished Military Graduate, Who’s Who, and was commissioned as an officer in the US Air Force. And, just this past year, Mayor Walker was honored as the Louisiana Tech Alumnus of the Year.

Two months after graduation from Tech, Walker went on active military duty as a pilot trainee and earned his pilot wings a year later. After serving 30 years in the Air Force, he retired with the rank of Colonel in 1986.