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Congressman Johnson Leads Series of Speeches on the Payoff to Progressives Act

U.S. Representative Mike Johnson

Congressman Johnson today led a series of speeches on the House floor regarding the Payoff to Progressives Act which is being considered this week by the House of Representatives. Only 9 percent of the $2 Trillion legislation goes towards funding COVID health-related spending.

A partial list of non-COVID provisions in this bill:

Billions for closed public schools
Expansion of Obamacare subsidies
$100 million rail project for Nancy Pelosi’s district
$1.5 million bridge to Canada for Chuck Schumer
Taxpayer funding for abortions
Job killing $15 minimum wage
$510 billion tax payer bailout for blue states

Below is a transcript of his remarks:

“Madam Speaker, I rise today in opposition to the legislation that we’re scheduled to consider on the Floor tomorrow, the so-called ‘American Rescue Plan.’ The sad truth, Madam Speaker, is that this bill does very little to address the real issues impacting communities across the country. Instead, the Majority has elected to weaponize the reconciliation process to push through a Democrat wish-list of what are frankly left-wing policies. Only 9 percent of this bill actually goes to combating COVID-19. But Democrats have found the wisdom to insert $510 billion to bailout poorly run blue states, $470 billion-plus for policies we know will kill jobs, $100 million earmarked for a rail project in Speaker Pelosi’s district, a $1.5 million earmark for a bridge to Canada for the Senate Majority Leader – all the while there’s still $1 trillion in unspent funds from previous COVID-19 packages.

“Madam Speaker, these are a few of the many deep flaws in the Democrat COVID-19 bill. I’m grateful that so many of my colleagues are coming forward to help highlight the shortcomings of this bill, and how we should move forward to best serve the American people. I urge everyone to oppose this monstrosity, and I yield back.”

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