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Congressman Mike Johnson And La. Secretary Of State Kyle Ardoin Speak At The Republican Women of Bossier Meeting

Congressman Mike Johnson speaking at The Republican Women of Bossier Meeting

The Republican Women of Bossier met Tuesday evening, October 27, at Silverstar Smokehouse and heard from guest speakers U.S. Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04) and Louisiana Sec. of State Kyle Ardoin.

With the upcoming election fast approaching, Louisiana Sec. of State Kyle Ardoin discussed with the crowd voting, early voting turnout and newly registered voters for the Republican and Democratic parties.

“I have important numbers to share with you all. In this Parish alone the total registration is 75,520. The GOP registration is No. 1 in 34,619. Other parties have surpassed the Democrats with 20,628. And the Democrats are 20,273. Now here’s the most remarkable thing that has occurred and made history in the state of Louisiana. Right when the legislator basically went back into session after the first initial COVID situation occurred and right before they adjourned. Louisiana Republican registration surpassed 1 million registered voters,” said Ardoin.

Following Ardoin’s speech, Johnson then addressed the crowd and spoke about the importance of the upcoming election.

“This is the most important election in American history. We have a really serious challenge on our hands right now because there are two totally different visions for the country that we are facing right now. I am deeply concerned about alternative B let’s say. The nightmare scenario where the other team gets the White House and both houses of Congress. Because it’s going to be like it’s ever been before,” Johnson said.

“This is for all the marbles right now. And that’s why it’s a record turn out. I’m excited about that. We want everybody to participate in the election,” he added.

Johnson then went on to tell the crowd some news that will occur in November that will help our state and our community.

“When we get back in November, we just found out five days ago, when we get back to Washington I’ll be running unopposed for Vice Chairmen of the Republican Conference in the House. Here’s why this is important to you. I’m not doing this because I need a title. I’m doing it because I’m trying to keep our train on the rails. I’m deeply concerned about the future for conservatism in America and the country where we are headed,” Johnson said.

“This will be the first time in Louisiana history we have two of our six members in the top five leadership spots in the house. Everything in Washington is about influence. So this is great for our state, it’s really good for our district and I’m really thankful to God that we’re going to have that opportunity,” he added.

The Republican Women of Bossier is a group of active Republican women who want to be informed and involved in the political process. While their focus is largely political, they offer an element of community service by providing an annual scholarship to encourage young women in politics and actively supporting law enforcement and the military.

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