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Congressman Mike Johnson says House bill does not solve COVID-19 crisis


Partisan messaging bill not a serious
attempt to solve COVID-19 crisis

WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04), a member of President Trump’s Task Force for Reopening America, voted against a $3 trillion, partisan messaging bill brought to the floor by Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday.

The bill, which is “dead on arrival” in the Senate and faces a veto threat from President Trump, includes a long list of provisions (click here to view) that would do nothing to lessen the threat of COVID-19 or help struggling Americans. For example, the bill would:

  • Award economic impact payments for illegal immigrants
  • Incentivize Americans to remain unemployed instead of returning to work
  • Give Planned Parenthood access to relief loans intended for small businesses
  • Impose stringent mandates on how states must run elections
  • Mandate a blanket release for categories of federal prisoners and criminal defendants awaiting trial
  • Hand millionaires and billionaires a massive tax break
  • Fund bailouts for failing pension plans
  • Include benefits for the marijuana industry
  • Prevent the deportation of illegal immigrants

Johnson issued the following statement after voting against the bill:

“America is facing an unprecedented crisis with 80,000 Americans losing their lives, tens of millions losing their jobs, and countless more struggling to figure out how they are going to put food on their table. Yet, Speaker Pelosi brought us to Washington to vote on an 1,800-page, $3 trillion bill that is nothing more than a messaging document for the far Left. It is not a serious attempt to solve our nation’s crisis, and every conscientious member of Congress had no choice but to vote no. This waste of time is shameful.”

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