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Construction at Kingston Road and Airline, Benton will impact drive times

Highway 3 South at Kingston Road. (Courtesy photo)

Construction in areas on each end of Kingston Road has two of Bossier Parish’s busiest thoroughfares down to one lane for short distances and motorists are urged to be prepared for heavy traffic, especially during the morning and afternoon commutes.

Construction at the intersection of Kingston and Airline Drive heading south is proceeding. Motorists will see a shift to the left lane beginning at the Linton Road traffic light. Workers are expanding Airline Drive there to help accommodate traffic when the new Benton High School is opened.

Airline Drive at Kingston Road. (Courtesy photo)

And, on the west end of the cut-through road, contractors are extending and widening a turn lane off LA Hwy. 3 onto Kingston Rd. just north of the traffic light at the intersection. Southbound traffic on Hwy. 3 will be reduced to one-lane while work is in progress and the speed limit in the construction zone has been dropped to 45 m.p.h.

Officials said both projects are proceeding smoothly and should be finished by mid to late June, weather permitting.

“We encourage motorists to drive with caution and courtesy as they approach these construction sites,” emphasized Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington.  “Take a little extra time in your commute, and you’ll arrive at your destination on time…and safely.  Also, merge early to help avoid traffic back-up.”

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