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Council receives update on water and sewer from Manchac


At Tuesday’s Regular Bossier City Council meeting, the council received a Public Private Partnership Update from Manchac’s Ben Rauschenbach.

Manchac began managing Bossier City’s water and sewer department in 2016.

For the 16-month period of January 2019 through April 2020, Rauschenbach said Manchac has saved the city nearly $2.3 million in operational costs.

Adding in additional savings in emergency work and cost avoidance, the total utility department savings amounted to $3.8 million for the period, he said.

“Total department savings Just for the last 16 months were sitting just shy of $4 million from our start date back in July of 2016 somewhere at $9.7 million in actual savings for the City of Bossier,” Rauschenbach said.

Rauschenbach added that the utility department has completed a little over 2,500 in water and sewer main repairs, $4 million in water treatment plant improvements and is currently rehabilitating elevated water tanks in the city, with a completion date in July.

“I’m telling you, on behalf of the council, this is a wonderful and fantastic example of how government and business can come together with a public-private partnership,” said At-Large Councilman David Montgomery, Jr.

“And as he just pointed out, since we instituted the contract and the council voted along with the blessing of the administration, $10 million in savings to the taxpayers of Bossier City to help ensure going forward that we can maintain our current water and sewer rates and still provide the upgrades and new equipment and so forth and be on the cutting edge going forward,” Montgomery added.

Also approved by the council at Tuesday’s meeting was an adoption of an ordinance authorizing Mayor Lorenz Walker to execute the attached agreement with Manchac Engineering Group, Inc. and appropriating Two Million One Hundred ($2.1 Million) from the Walter O. Bigby Carriageway Fund for Services to be provided in conjunction with said agreement. Adoption of an ordinance to appropriate funds to cover construction cost for the Sewer Sub-Basin BC-25 Rehabilitation Project for a total of $2,901,000.00 to come from the Sewer Contingency Fund and Adoption of an Ordinance reallocating funding currently dedicated to the Viking Drive Widening Project through (NLCOG).

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