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COVID-19 Compliance Enforcement Continues

Gov. John Bel Edwards

BATON ROUGE (November 13, 2020)- The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control and the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office are reaffirming to the state’s business community that both agencies will continue conducting compliance enforcement of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Phase 3 COVID-19 order that remains in place.

As Gov. Edwards stated following Judge William Morvant’s ruling on Thursday:

“Today is a victory for public health in the state of Louisiana and for all of those people, from our health care heroes, including our doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to our scientists and researchers, who are fighting every day to slow the spread of COVID and save lives here. The petition signed by some members of one chamber of Louisiana’s Legislature could not terminate the emergency order because the petition was based on a law that violated the Louisiana Constitution. Judge Morvant ruled that the House of Representatives cannot act by itself on behalf of the full Legislature. I have long said the law some members of the House were attempting to use is unconstitutional and I am pleased the judge agreed…”

Click here to read Gov. Edwards’ full statement.

Gov. John Bel Edwards Issues Statement Praising Court Ruling Upholding His COVID Mitigation Measures | Office of Governor John Bel Edwardsgov.louisiana.govThe Office of Governor John Bel Edwards, putting Louisiana first..

While each business type has its own unique set of guidelines under Open Safely, in accordance with the Governor’s Phase 3 order, all businesses must adhere to the following mitigation measures at all times:

  • Remain at or below applicable capacity limitations with 6-foot distancing taken into account
  • Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet
  • Employees AND customers are to wear face coverings
  • Live music, with singing and wind instruments, is not permitted indoors

To date, more than 14,000 compliance inspections have been conducted on the more than 25,000 businesses that are registered in the OpenSafely.la.gov system. Violations were found during 1,700 inspections.

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