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Crime Is Down in Bossier Parish for 2022

Sheriff Whittington is pleased to announce that crime in Bossier Parish decreased by 11% for
2022, with total cases decreasing from 1,088 to 970. He said, “The reduction in crime in Bossier Parish
can be directly attributed to the assistance and support of residents and the hard work on the part of our

Violent crime in Bossier Parish shows a 3% decrease for 2022. There were no homicides reported
for the parish for 2022. The number of rapes increased 24% from 41 to 51 for the year. “The significant
increase in the number of reported rapes is 2022 is alarming to us,” said Sheriff Whittington. However,
he wants to reassure the residents of Bossier Parish that this is not the case of a rapist randomly preying
on strangers. Of the 51 reported rapes in 2022, the overwhelming majority of them are crimes of a sexual
nature committed against a child by a family member or family acquaintance.

Overall Property Crimes in Bossier Parish decreased by 19% for 2022. ‘Our partnership with
citizens and business owners has contributed significantly to this success,’ said Sheriff Whittington, ‘the
people of Bossier Parish are quick to assist us with video from Ring cameras and surveillance video to
help our detectives solve these crimes’. Burglary declined by 25% from 87 to 65 in 2022. Our continued
focus on Theft from Auto has resulted in a 41% decrease for 2022. “We believe Bossier Parish residents
have responded well to our ‘Lock, Observe, Call’ (L.O.C) Program we started in 2018, in which we
encourage our citizens to lock their vehicles”, said Sheriff Whittington. He also credited patrol and
JCAT (Joint Criminal Apprehension Team) deputies for increased stops of suspicious vehicles and people
during late hours in areas of high opportunity. Sheriff Whittington believes these actions also
contributed heavily to the 26% reduction in Auto Theft and the 45% reduction in Unauthorized Use in

Bossier Parish continues to be one of the fastest growing parishes in the State. “These crime
statistics show what can be achieved when citizens and law enforcement are committed to working
together to make Bossier Parish a great place to live,” said Sheriff Whittington.

These crime statistics only reflect crimes occurring in Bossier Parish and not within the towns or
municipalities of the parish.

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