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Crime Stoppers pay$ off

Number of cases helped cleared & payouts double

The number of cases Bossier Crime Stoppers helped clear for the Bossier City Police Department and Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office doubled compared to the previous year.

The amount of reward money it paid out to callers who provide information also increase twofold.

In 2014, 16 cases were solved from tips that were called in or sent via the Internet to Bossier Crime Stoppers. That resulted in $8,045 worth of rewards paid out. By comparison, 8 cases were cleared and $4,255 in rewards was paid out in 2013. The number of tips submitted also increased from 184 in 2013 to 248 in 2014.

According to Bossier Crime Stoppers coordinator Sgt. Brandon Huckaby of the Bossier City Police Department, much of the reason behind the increases can be attributed to a stepped up advertising campaign showcasing Bossier Crime Stoppers.

“We made a big push to get our name out to the public last year,” said Huckaby. “That helped generate more tips which lead to more arrests and more cases being solved.”

Part of that increased advertising effort included the program “Grab a Cell and Tell” in which Bossier Crimes Stoppers partnered with Caddo-Shreveport Crime Stoppers and Sportran by placing Crime Stoppers posters inside Sportran buses. Bossier Crime Stoppers launched a Facebook page in 2014 that also helped generate more tips from the public.   

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