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Defenders of Liberty MUD RUN

Barksdale Air Force Base

Barksdale Air Force Base opens its doors to the local community and hosts the Defenders of Liberty Mud Run Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021 starting at 10 am.

This annual adventure race is open to the general public. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts or those just looking for a fun experience can run through the rugged wooded terrain of Barksdaleā€™s east reservation.

The 4 mile course features 19 military style obstacles that challenges all participants from the fittest to first timers. Racers must climb, crawl, lift, pull, cross a traverse line over water and navigate a huge water slide in addition to running. The landscape itself is a far from flatland with everything from rolling to significant hills, areas of flat meadowland and even takes the runners through legendary Louisiana gumbo mud in the bayou bottom bogs.

For adults, the Mud Run features a competitive race wave in the morning followed by multiple fun race waves that launch every thirty minutes. There’s a one mile Kid’s Race course for ages 5-11 which features age appropriate obstacles closely supervised by adults. Participants ages 10-15 are also able to run the adult course, if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Find out more or register at barksdaleservices.com.

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