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Dept. Of Education Superintendent admits problems with Common Core


BATON ROUGE – After 14 school districts have requested to opt out of PARCC testing and multiple families have asked for permission to opt their children out of the PARCC test, the Superintendent of the Department of Education has responded and admitted there are problems with Common Core by calling for an expedited review of the tests.

common coreAssistant Chief of Staff Stafford Palmieri said, “We are glad the Superintendent has acknowledged that Common Core testing has problems and needs to be revised. This is an important first step as Louisiana works to remove Common Core from Louisiana schools. It is true that the Department’s refusal to use a competitive bid process to award Common Core testing contracts has resulted in millions in wasted taxpayer dollars.  These wasted dollars come at a time when declining oil prices, as well as other factors, require us to make significant reductions to all agencies in order to achieve a balanced budget.  The budget will protect the MFP and classroom funding, but the Superintendent, just like every other agency head, will be required to make reductions to his department’s budget.  The Superintendent will have some level of discretion in determining how to achieve the necessary reductions. The Superintendent claims that a reduction to his budget will impact Common Core and will therefore cost Louisiana $800 million in federal funding. This $800 million threat is just the latest.  John White and President Obama want to bully moms and dads into accepting Common Core’s federal control of our children’s education.  We’re not going to be intimidated by their fear tactics.  We are going to stay focused on doing what is best for the families of Louisiana.”

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  1. Bring it, John White. We know you are simply planning your next move. So we are awake and watching. We are taking shifts on this thing. Dust off your resume and get it updated. Bring it.

  2. Kristy Nichols presented 3 items for LDE cuts to the joint budget commiytee hearing Friday. One was a nearly half million .$$ of the multi-million $$ grants to Teach for America. These TFA grants are blood money and produce nothing for these taxpayer $$. White’s response was that he could comply by replacing the TFA $$ with federal grant $$ that should be used elsewhere. BESE. must be held accountable if they approve this.

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